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Cloudpic is a team that leverages technology, network and opportunities to imagine, connect and create.

Experienced in the business of creating, managing and building content from mobile to features, the Cloudpic team has provided their expertise to several global projects and studios. In the past 5 years, we have offered services across the animation, games, visual effects and digital content industry that include:

  • Producing original content
  • Content business development
  • Studio development including training and process development
  • Technology development in digital media
  • Talks, workshops and master classes for companies and educational institutions

About us


Who we are and how we got started.

We are artists. We are engineers. We are creative thinkers and adventurers. We’ve left our past behind and now we use our knowledge and experience to cut new paths. If we are not learning something new or seeing the world from a new perspective each day, we have failed.

How can we help you?